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 Simple RP Rules

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Lady Lullaby
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Simple RP Rules Empty
PostSubject: Simple RP Rules   Simple RP Rules I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 12, 2010 6:29 pm

Rule #1
If you create an RP where there is a villain and
you do not have someone that wishes to be the villain you must be.
No if and buts or maybes. You will be made the villain.

Rule #2
During gruesome rps do not complain about too much gore!
There is absolutely no such thing as too gory.
Especially in rpies made for killing. [Higurashi]

Rule #3
Action posts must be detailed.
In saying so they must be a mere 100 words minimum.
If it is just dialogue do not worry on length but please refrain from one liners.
[They get very annoying when they take up page after page right?]

Rule #4
Post that are made in an argument please try to refrain from using intense language.
As stated, we expect our age group to be from 12 and up.
Therefore, watch your mouth! <3

Rule #5
Members are indeed aloud to be critics on your character
But please, leave anything that needs to be changed to the Admins.

Rule #6
If you do choose to prosue a girl/guy in any forum to be with as your mate of bf/gf
make sure the content between the two of you is kept suitable for younger members.
We expect the youngest members will be about 12 or so.

Rule #7
If there is an obvious sense of multiple people all targeting one person as their mate or gf/bf
There will have to be a poll put up on who gets them.
Therefore it will be fare and no arguments.
As Stated, this is an anti-drama forum.
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Simple RP Rules
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