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 Monster Guide A-G

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PostSubject: Monster Guide A-G   Monster Guide A-G I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 16, 2010 12:45 pm

Monster Guide A-G Adder

A snake that was not mutated extensively by the T-Virus. These snakes are not part of Umbrella's research, but rather native snakes within the Arklay Mountains that were infected by the outbreak caused by James Marcus. A significant number of Adders appeared within the courtyard area of the Arklay Research Facility, showing they favored moist regions. Their venom was greatly strengthened by the T-Virus, which can also be spread through said poison. This and the increased aggressiveness, however, were the only symptoms of the T-Virus the adders displayed. Compared to the Yawn, which was created through research carried out by Umbrella, the Adders are a minor threat at best.

Monster Guide A-G Co-baby

Immature Albinoids that can generate a moderately powerful electric shock to stun prey in close proximity. These infants are encountered by Claire Redfield in the B.O.W. lab of the Rockfort Island Military Training Facility where they were released accidentally. Although relatively weak in this state, they will grow to adulthood in a matter of hours.

Monster Guide A-G 300px-Albinoid

Chris Redfield encounters this creature fully grown in a pool of water in the basement of the Training Facility where it is unwittingly guarding an Eagle Plate needed for progress to the next area. This adult Albinoid is extremely difficult to engage in its aquatic habitat due to its powerful electrical discharges, however its unwillingness to leave the pool allows for the player to engage it from the sides without fear of getting shocked.

Monster Guide A-G 180px-Anubis

This new B.O.W. is the product of the attempts of Javier's researchers to develop a replacement B.O.W. to the Hunter. This creature was originally a bat before insect DNA was introduced, and its digestive organs have been removed to drastically reduce weight. As such, it can jump and move with surprising speed while still possessing incredible skeletal strength. It skillfully uses its talon-like claws to scale walls and ceilings, and can assault its victims from these vantage points.

Monster Guide A-G 250px-Bandersnatcher

The Bandersnatch was designed as a more cost-effective version of the Tyrant-class B.O.W. However, due to the flawed processes used in their creation and because of the cut in costs, parts of their anatomy tended to atrophy away within moments of their creation; the atrophied parts were often their left arms. To compensate for this damage, the T-Virus responded by allowing the creatures greater control of their right arms, which were increased in mass to become as thick and resilient as their torsos. The T-Virus also compensated by introducing the Bandersnatch's ability to stretch its arm far beyond normal limits, almost to five meters. As a result, their method of attack is to strike from a distance, and the Bandersnatch often pins its victims against a wall and crushes their skulls. Bandersnatches are a sickly yellow color, intertwined with disgustingly bloated veins and arteries. Their visages, on the other side, had been degraded to little more than melted patches of skin.

Brain Sucker
Monster Guide A-G Brain_Sucker

They are however slightly stronger and possess the ability to spit poison at their prey. They are known to feed on the brains of their victims using their lock tongues unlike the Drain Deimos which fed on cerebro-spinal fluid. Their appearance is considerably more grotesque than their smaller cousins, a sickly green color, possessing two heads and with a musculature appearing to rip through their exoskeletons.

Bui Kichwa
Monster Guide A-G RE5_Enemy_Bui_Kichwa

The Bui Kichwa are matured Las Plagas parasites. As seen in old concept arts, the developers originally intended for these creatures to burst out of a Majini's body, similar to the Cephalo, Kipepeo and Duvalia. In the final game however, they are only seen moving about independently without a host body. Much like the other Las Plagas parasites, they can be killed instantly with a Flash Grenade.

Monster Guide A-G 300px-Centurion

An enlarged and genetically mutated centipede-based B.O.W. series that was well over 30 feet long. The Centurion was likely a failed attempt at designing an Arthropodal-based B.O.W. with the Progenitor virus, which James Marcus noted only showed increased size.

Bringer Of Death
Monster Guide A-G 258

The fin on its head acts as highly sensitive radar. Using this fin to sense movements of water and air, this B.O.W. can determine what is taking place around it without using its eyes. In water, it breathes using the gills on its cheeks. If it is faced with a tight situation in battle, this B.O.W. will unleash its amazing power - it can crush rocks bigger than itself. On land, it can powerfully lift large boulders by planting its four feet and heaving. It sleeps by burying itself in soil at the water's edge. Its large tail fin propels it through water with powerful acceleration. It is strong in spite of its size. To alert it, the fin on its head senses the flow of water. It has the strength to heft boulders.

Monster Guide A-G 200px-Maijini_cephalo

Cephalo are matured Type 2 Plagas, a variant of the Las Plagas parasite, whom appear as long inchworm-like creatures that burst from the neck of a host Majini. Cephalo are incredibly resilient to gunfire and since most of the parasite's body is outside of the host when it reveals itself, attacking the body is almost useless since it does little damage to the target.

Monster Guide A-G 180px-Chimera

Chimera were B.O.W.'s created by inserting fly DNA and the T-Virus into human tissue. They were being manufactured inside the Arklay Research Facility located under the Spencer Estate and adopted that section of the facility as their habitat during the Mansion incident. Aside from their fly-like appearance, the Chimera's most notable characteristics is their ability to walk over walls and ceilings. They usually use the air ducts to travel from one part of the lab to the other and attack with their claw-like limbs. When killed, a chemical imbalance in their bodies causes them to dissolve. The Chimera was the only other artificially produced B.O.W., besides the Hunter and Tyrant, that was made through genetic manipulation. They cannot fly because of the lack of size of their wings, and they lacked a fully developed exoskeleton. Even though they showed signs of notable resilience, their intelligence was little more than that of an insect. Their bodies also hosted a large number of maggots. Due to their many flaws, further research into more advanced forms was never conducted, and the Chimera's basic form was never refined to the lengths of the Hunter or the Tyrant. Still, Umbrella has continued at least limited production of Chimeras in other facilities, as several were discovered during Chris & Jill's raid on their Russian HQ.

Monster Guide A-G 180px-HunkRESurvivor

These were B.O.W.s designed to resemble soldiers and sometimes referred to as Trash-sweepers, Cleaners were dispatched via helicopter to "clean up" any evidence of Umbrella's culpability on Sheena Island. Clothed and masked similarly to the Umbrella Security Service, these B.O.W.s possessed a distinctly apelike body shape and posture, shrieking inhumanly when killed before dissolving into nothing. They were unusually intelligent for B.O.W.s, able to carry and use firearms with some accuracy, as well as being faster and more agile than humans. Despite these advantages in combat, Cleaners were physically very weak and could be killed with only a few shots from a handgun. They compensated for their individual weakness, however, by attacking in coordinated packs. This, combined with their agility and ranged weaponry, made these B.O.W.s deceptively dangerous. Although B.O.W.s themselves, the Cleaners were led by a human commander, at least during the events of the Sheena Island outbreak.

Monster Guide A-G Colmillos

Colmillos are feral creatures usually resembling large dogs or wolves. Though at first appearance they may deceive an unsuspecting enemy, their eyes glow green in the dark, and they tend to be much more violent and aggressive than other kinds of wolves. Heavy gunfire will expose the Plaga within their bodies, which bristles with many long thin tentacles. The Colmillos preferred battle tactics are to jump and pin their enemies to the ground, then attempt to rip out the throat of the player. Or alternatively when the Colmillos Plagas are exposed, they slash the player with their tentacles. The Colmillos will tear Leon's throat out with their teeth if they are able to bring his health to the red and the player is unable to shake them off. They can also trap the player by having 1 or 2 maneuver behind the player and 2 or 3 will stay in front of the player, leaving the player with nowhere to go.

Crimson Head
Monster Guide A-G 150px-V-ACT_Crimson_Head

When a zombie has been incapacitated for some time, a process occurs in which the t-virus will begin to run rampant through its systems, initiating a system known as V-ACT, more commonly known as a Crimson Head due to the colour of its skin when in this state. When V-ACT occurs, the blood begins pumping at an alarming rate, causing noticeable blood seepage in the skin and giving it a crimson shade of red. The subject's fingers and toes also develop sharp claws as well as having an increased muscle mass. The subject's level of aggression has also greatly increased from that of the typical zombie. When it has entered this state, virtually nothing will stop it from pursuing its prey. The Crimson Head even jumps at its victim due to an increase in blood-lust.

Del Lago
Monster Guide A-G 180px-Del_Lago

The Del Lago is a massively overgrown, fattened salamander. More than eighty feet in length, it has an immense jaw with several rows of teeth, and from what seems to be its throat, countless, writhing Plaga tentacles emerge when it swims in attack pattern. Capable of devouring complete humans, it is a true leviathan residing in the lake nearby the Village's church. It has no discernible eyes, but its speed is deceptively fast in water.

Drain Deimos
Monster Guide A-G 150px-Drain_Deimos

The Drain Deimos are mutant fleas that were infected by eating the flesh of infected animals. Like many arthropods, the Fle's responded to the virus by increasing in size and strength considerably. Their appearance is particularly grotesque as their Exoskeletons are torn in places and their muscles are exposed, due to their quick and rapid t-virus induced growth. They are accidental creatures, and were not created as B.O.W.s. They can scale walls and attack by slashing at or grabbing and biting their prey. Although not as fast as some enemies, this monster can rise up on it's rear legs and 'run' at the player. If the player cannot escape, it will grab the character and plunge it's jaw into their skull in order to extract the cerebrospinal fluid which seems to be a favoured food. The Deimos can also use it's powerful back legs to leap around it's preferred hunting grounds, in order to close the distance between itself and the player or to prevent an escape. These monsters prefer places that are dark and damp, frequently lurking in back alleys and old buildings.

Monster Guide A-G 350px-Duvalia

Unlike other plagas who burst from the neck, Duvalia plagas will rip apart the host's entire upper body. They appear as shelled, flower-like parasites. Their weak point is the fleshy "tail" that hangs off their back (which is in fact the host's upper torso/ribcage), and the fleshy core of the shell, which is only exposed when the Duvalia is about to attack the player. In addition to these and the usual weakness to bright light, Duvalia can be blown to pieces with a single hand grenade. Duvalia has no arms and no jumping ability, making it one of the only foes in the entire game who cannot jump or climb. Note that in the Mercenaries minigame, the Duvalia gains the ability to jump across gaps and walk up stairs.

El Gigante
Monster Guide A-G 200px-Residentevil4_conceptart_la665

Gigantes are towering behemoths, formerly humans that were exposed to Las Plagas parasites, and through an unknown method, grew to an immense size, acquiring great strength and brutality to compensate for their loss of higher reasoning. It could be that the parasite in El Gigante could have caused an extreme growth spurt which increased the bone growth as well as the the muscle and skin growth, but it isn't confirmed. They are often referred to as "Cave Trolls" by fans due to their resemblance to the Lord Of The Rings creature of the same name. These monsters have high stamina and will use their vast size and bulk to choke, crush, kick, charge and punch smaller prey. The only weak point on El Gigante is the accordingly overgrown Plaga attached to its spine. When the Plaga is destroyed, so is El Gigante. Once damaged enough, the Plaga will expose itself and El Gigante will fall to its knees, grabbing his head in pain, allowing the player to climb up onto it's back and use their knife to slash at the writhing Plaga parasite before the monster recovers. If the player is too slow or presses the wrong attack button during this action, they will be thrown from El Gigante's back and the player lose their chance to inflict damage on the monster. Repeating this method (3 successful attacks, more specifically) will eventually kill El Gigante. One does not however have to respond to the action and can instead shoot the Plaga with a powerful weapon. Likewise, a well placed shot from a Rocket Launcher can also instantly kill an El Gigante. A startlingly efficient way of dealing with El Gigante is to fire three mine darts from the Mine Thrower (without the EX heat-seeking upgrade) in rapid succession at the exposed Plaga: the Plaga will then retreat into the thoracic cavity and the mines will detonate, killing the monster instantly.

Monster Guide A-G 250px-Re4-garrador

Appearing as a large armored gladiator-like warrior with retractable claws grafted to each forearm, the Garrador is a dangerous and extremely aggressive enemy which has a high resistance to frontal attacks. The Garrador has two main weaknesses, the first is its lack of eyesight and the second is its visibly exposed Plaga erupting from its spine. Keep in mind though, that flash-bangs will allow them to detect the player, and they will immediately charge. However, hitting The Garrador with an Incendiary Grenade will disable them. The Garrador finds its prey by hearing and will charge towards the origin of any loud noises in earshot, viciously swiping with its claws. Garradors are extremely dangerous and can kill a player in seconds if they are caught in the path of one of their rampages.

Guardian of Insanity
Monster Guide A-G 250px-Bar1

Physically, its body shows signs of decay, not unlike that of Zombies. Furthermore, its face appears to have dissolved into boils, and its back has increased size from muscle growth to the extent of needing a harness. This growth also has a yellow eye as seen from behind, similar to G, which serves as a weak point. It appears to possess superior strength, based on the fact that the anchor is far larger than itself, and its ability to lift its enemies off the ground single handed. It also seems to have heightened senses.
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Monster Guide A-G
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