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 Monster Guide H-Z

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Monster Guide H-Z 250px-HunterBig

Hunters are bipedal reptilian-like creatures with large claws and teeth, and are noted for their loud shriek. They are actually B.O.W.s (Bio-Organic Weapons) designed by the Umbrella Corporation by combining a fertilized human ovum with reptilian DNA and then implanting the T-Virus into the resulting creature. Moreover, a Hunter is capable of killing the player's character by decapitation (in the Game Cube remake of Resident Evil, the Hunters slit the throat of Jill or Chris instead of decapitating them). As a result, the Hunters have become one of the best-known creatures in the series. In Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, when the player plays as Carlos Oliveira, Hunters are introduced in the game as one is seen decapitating a zombie, which shows that the Hunters will even kill zombies that get in their way.

Hunter Elite
Monster Guide H-Z 200px-Elite_Hunter

The Hunter Elite is said to be faster and more powerful than the standard Hunter. As well, they are far more agile and powerful, requiring larger amounts of ammunition to be taken out due to their more resilient nature. Oddly, one hand was bare while the other had a claw, possibly to climb to flat surfaces. This may be a downfall as it can't swipe with both hands, possibly forcing it to target one target at a time. A general tactic to destroy this hunter archtype was to strike with a destructive ammo such as 50 cal or buckshot shotgun shells,which would cause the elite hunter to fall on its back, opening its head and chest to weapon fire.

Stage 1
Monster Guide H-Z 150px-Tyrant_Hypnos1

Stage 2
Monster Guide H-Z 400px-Tyrant_Hypnos2

Stage 3
Monster Guide H-Z Hypnos

The Hypnos T-type (Tyrant-type) was an experimental model of Tyrant seen at Sheena Island's "Tyrant Plant". The main variation between this Tyrant and other models was the inclusion in its genetic make-up of the Hypnos gene, a modified genetic strand that, when implanted into an organism, would kill the weaker cells through natural selection, leaving only the best to keep the organism ongoing and encouraging the reproduction of the better cells.

Iron Maiden
Monster Guide H-Z 200px-Re4-iron-maiden

Iron Maidens are apparent Regenerator variants/prototypes; large humanoid creatures well above a normal human's height. They share most physical traits with the Regenerator but with slight differences; they have a larger mouth that takes up almost their whole face,have a purple hue to their skin and many large pointed spikes and nails protruding from their bodies. Their name comes from the ancient torturing tool, the Iron Maiden, which was a standing coffin of sorts filled with sharp spikes on the inside which you would lock victims into. Much like the Regenerators, they can be shot several times with no effect and their lost limbs will regrow in a matter of seconds, even the head, and they house several leech-like Plagas as well. However, the Iron Maidens lack visible eyes and have a slower walking speed than Regenerators but can crawl much faster. The Iron Maidens tend to use their spikes as weapons, having a special attack where they grab Leon, pull him toward itself and then extend their spikes, impaling him for massive damage. They do not use their mouths to attack due to it being severely deformed (it has a mouth similar to the Gravedigger). They walk in a slow, deliberate manner, constantly suffering from rapid, spastic movements. When dying, their upper torso erratically shaby the bursting spikes from the Iron Maiden during the death sequence.

Jabberwock S3
Monster Guide H-Z 800px-Jabberwock_S3

The Jabberwock S3 is an experimental biological weapon purchased by Javier Hidalgo. Little is known about the organization developing it, but it is thought to be a competitor to Umbrella. It appears to borrow physical attributes from the Bandersnatch, an Umbrella B.O.W., but its properties have been enhanced by the T-Veronica virus. It has three sickle-shaped arms that possess an unparalleled strength, and in its defensive form it uses these arms to cover its body, making bullets mostly useless against it. It has a higher-level intelligence and thus can understand commands, and can carry out its duties under a variety of circumstances.

Monster Guide H-Z 150px-Leech
Leach Man
Monster Guide H-Z 180px-Leech_man

The Ecliptic Express was attacked by several hundred Leeches. At least 3 to a person. By calculation, infected leeches cause infection quicker than the normal Zombie Bite. It takes minutes for a Human infected by a Leech to become a Zombie. However, if a queen infects a host, 'she' enters inside the hosts body. The host will eventually be able to transform into a 'leech-like' form, however the time for a queen to fully integrate into a body took Marcus nearly 10 years.

Monster Guide H-Z 280px-Licker0

The name "Licker" was given to this creature by the officers at the Raccoon Police Department for their incredibly long tongues. Other changes from normal Zombies to Lickers are brain swelling and becoming visible, an increase in muscle development, and the total loss of skin. This new muscle tissue allows them to do many things that normal Zombies and even Crimson Heads cannot. They can jump incredible heights and distances and move much more rapidly while their warped bone structure makes it more suitable for them to crawl about on all fours. The Licker also uses its talons (elongated from the Crimson Head stage) to scale vertical structures and ceilings with ease. This allows the creature to use predator tactics to surprise their prey. These new hunting strategies also showcase its increased primal intellect. Finally, its elongated tongue was shown to be enormously powerful, capable of piercing human flesh and often being used to decapitate its prey. Although naturally quiet and a master of ambushes, the presence of a Licker can often be hinted at by the sound of their raw flesh and claws scraping against whatever surface they happen to be crawling along, as well as a sibilant hissing sound. When attacking or incurring damage, a Licker will also make a variety of screeching sounds, producing a particularly agonized scream when killed. Lickers have lost the use of their eyes entirely and cannot track prey by sight. Their super developed hearing however more than compensates for the loss. Upon detecting potential prey it will attack full force with teeth, tongue and claws, often alerting others of its kind in the vicinity as well. Weapons that emit very little sound, such as the bow-gun, are especially useful against these blind B.O.W.'s.

Licker Beta
Monster Guide H-Z 300px-Lickerb

Due to continuous high demand on the black market for the Licker, Tricell decided to research and develop from the Licker data left behind by Umbrella. The result was the Licker β, created after administering the Progenitor virus to an average Licker. Like the standard Licker, the Beta variation is still blind, but has extremely sensitive hearing, allowing it to trace loud sounds to their source almost instantly. Like their naturally occurring forerunners, βs travel in groups, therefore, it is incredibly dangerous when a sound alerts many at one time. Injection of Progenitor lead to the creature gaining the ability to reproduce. This fertility renders it more of an actual animal, as opposed to a mutated zombie. One major difference from the original is the creature's vastly increased muscle mass, as well as a slightly improved sense of smell. One new weakness exhibited by the Licker β was an exposed heart located in the center of its chest. A simple knife can end a Beta's life with a single stab to this organ.

MA-39 Cerberus
Monster Guide H-Z 200px-CerberusRE2

Although suffering from a similar necrosis to human's infected by the t-virus, (known as "Zombies") Cerberi retain much of their former agility, with a noticeable increase in durability and aggression. In most cases, potential prey should listen for the sound of padding paws as a clue to their presence, with a growling warning that a Cerberus has become aware of the player and is preparing to attack. They will let out a pained yelp when killed. Following the deliberate outbreak of t-virus caused by Dr. James Marcus, a pack of Cerberi escaped into the Raccoon Forest surrounding the facility, attacking and feeding on hikers or anyone else wandering too deep into the woods. It was these attacks (as well as those committed by at least one band of roaming zombies) which eventually led to the formal investigation of the area by S.T.A.R.S. in the July of 1998. Cerberi' were also created accidentally in the t-virus outbreaks of Raccoon City, Sheena Island and Rockfort Island. In all such cases, contaminated meat was the likely cause of infection.

Monster Guide H-Z 300px-NdesuRE5

Ndesu is a giant created by Tricell. Fans will most likely remember this creature as its Spanish incarnation, El Gigante. The beasts are quite similar, as Ndesu itself is a towering humanoid with brownish skin, a deformed head and a loincloth at which some BSAA soldiers' corpses are attached, hanging like a sash. Also, while El Gigante had only one huge Plaga parasite inside it, Ndesu has numerous smaller ones concealed through poorly-stitched cuts in its flesh, plus a gigantic one on its back. As an homage to its predecessor, Ndesu proceeds to crush Dave Johnson underfoot, similar to the last Ganado the first Gigante kills upon being released. Ndesu assaults the party in a deserted village by night, having just slaughtered the BSAA Delta Team, and forces Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar to fight it. They repel it by establishing a fire position in the back of a military hummer , where the combined firepower of its weapons proves enough to defeat the abomination. Fortunately for them, it is the only one of its kind seen, and none are ever fought on foot.

Stage 1
Monster Guide H-Z 200px-Nemesis0

Stage 2
Monster Guide H-Z Nemesis2

Stage 3
Monster Guide H-Z 250px-Nemesis3

Nemesis is characterized by its relentlessness, strength, sheer stamina, and comparatively high intellect. Unlike the various Tyrant models before him, Nemesis shows it's capable of employing weaponry and firearms to achieve his objectives. He is also shown to have rational thinking abilities, as when he shot down a potential rescue helicopter and can even speak to some extent (Though the only word he ever says is "S.T.A.R.S."). Nemesis' primary order is to eliminate the remaining S.T.A.R.S. members, causing him to ignore all other potential targets when a S.T.A.R.S. member is present or nearby, although he will also eliminate anything that gets between him and his target, or something that is a threat. Like the Tyrants before him, Nemesis boasts an enormously powerful physique, demonstrating the ability to break through most obstacles with enough effort, outrun any human, and leap incredible heights. Besides T.A.L.O.S., Nemesis is the most resilient B.O.W. the Umbrella Corporation ever created, with most man-portable weaponry barely slowing him down while even heavy weaponry like explosives may only momentarily incapacitate him. Only the largest industrial grade weaponry was shown to cause any notable damage. Only G has mutational abilities matching those of Nemesis. Nemesis' brutal arsenal is mostly comprised of a network of spear-like tentacles that cover his body. These tentacles are shown to be capable of tearing right through most human bodies. He was also armed with a FIM-92 Stinger missile launcher that he used to target vehicles and potential victims alike. This Rocket Launcher was modified specifically for Nemesis, and is too heavy for a human to carry. Finally, he can be assumed that his black coat provides him with some protection from environmental and firearm damage while also perhaps forcing a more humanoid shape. The Nemesis' only real weakness seemed to be the detrimental mutations caused by the NE-T virus that only weakened and detracted from his combat effectiveness as time wore on. As the mutations continued, Nemesis lost sight of his programmed order and resorted to typical Tyrant behavior, destroying anything within reach.

Monster Guide H-Z 270px-PopocarimRE5

Popokarimu is a bat-based B.O.W. produced by the TriCell Pharmaceutical Company. Popokarimu is a boss fought in Resident Evil 5. It resembles a large mutated-overgrown Bat with an insect's thorax as a tail with several legs attached to the tail. This is probably the result of gene splicing done on a bat. Its entire body is extremely resilient, only the fleshy underside of its tail is vulnerable to the player's attacks.

Queen Leech
Monster Guide H-Z 180px-Queen_Leech

The Queen Leech was one of the most unique monsters to come from the T-virus. Dr. Marcus’ pet leeches began to grow a collective intelligence and came to adore their master. After Marcus’ death the leeches merged with his DNA to create the Queen Leech. The Queen Leech was able to control countless mutant leeches. It also had the amazing ability to become a young version of Marcus complete with all his memories and intelligence. There was no way to tell that the Queen Leech was not human, it essentially became Marcus, its mission was to take revenge on those who betrayed and killed him, Umbrella. Rebecca and Billy encountered the Queen Leech a few times; in the end the Queen Leech would reveal its true form; a humanoid like monster with large tentacles. One huge advantage of being a mass of leeches was that any damage it would take it could easily replenish itself with more leeches. After one battle with Rebecca and Billy the Queen Leech evolved into a second form, a huge beast like monster. This new form was almost indestructible; it would absorb all gunshots while unfazed, but it had a huge weakness. The mutated leeches had a transparent coat that allowed UV light to pass through it, but long exposure to it would cause the breakdown of their cellular structure. Rebecca and Billy lured the queen leech into an abandoned factory where they exposed the monster to light thus weakening the beast; Billy was then able to finish the monster off once and for all.

Monster Guide H-Z 250px-Regenerator

A Regenerator is a monster created by inhumane experiments with Las Plagas and human test subjects plus DNA testing. Regenerators are named for their artificially created high metabolism. If a Regenerator is injured, small tentacles sprout from the wound and appear to 'knit' new flesh, recreating entire limbs within seconds. This allows the Regenerator to recover from bullet wounds, lost limbs, decapitation, loss of lower body or even loss of the entire upper torso with little loss of overall health. The Regenerator appears as a large vaguely man-shaped creature covered in hairless, seemingly rough gray skin. Their mouths are obscenely large, taking up most of their otherwise featureless faces and are filled with needle-like teeth which force the Regenerator into a grin. Although slow to walk with a distinctly unnerving palsied gait, Regenerators are capable of frightening bursts of speed when attacking, viciously slashing and biting, and stretching their arms to unnatural lengths to grab their prey.A Regenerator may randomly run at the player and knock Leon down with it's powerful arms, which is incredibly frightening to the player as it will happen randomly and quickly, it is also worth noting that the accompanying theme song and heavy breathing for the Regenerators adds to their frightening presence. The Regenerators are inhumanly flexible as they can be knocked back into impossible positions that would snap the spine of any human, bringing themselves up with ease, suggesting the absence of a conventional skeletal system. They can also stretch limbs to extreme length in order to grab their prey and when their legs are blown away they can move forward very quickly by slamming themselves toward the ground causing them to jump forward. This is all possible due to their bodies almost completely, if not entirely, consisting of pure muscle manipulated by the leech-like Plagas hiding in its body. The presence of a Regenerator nearby can be instantly detected by the sound of their erratic and strained breathing.

Regis Licker
Monster Guide H-Z 150px-Regis_Licker

The Regis Licker remains humanoid in appearance and possesses many traits not common to Lickers, such as eyes and a lack of exposed brain tissue. The Regis Licker suspends itself from ceilings by its hind feet (now more hand-like), lashing out at potential victims with its claws and elongated tongue. Unlike the Lickers, the Regis Licker uses its tongue as a whip instead of a spear, strangling or lashing its victims to death. Throughout the entire period of the outbreak, only one Regis Licker was ever reported, in the lobby of the Apple Inn during the evacuation of the underpass region.

Monster Guide H-Z Hunter_Sweeper

A variation of the Enhanced Hunter (Hunter Original or Alpha), the Sweeper has purple veins and scales that are a light purple color, with red eyes that separate them from the common Enhanced Hunter. They attack in the same manner of the Enhanced Hunters, but their claws have an additional poison effect, making them considerably more dangerous.

Tyrant T-0400TP
Monster Guide H-Z 250px-Tyrant_t0400

Tyrant T-0400TP was an experimental version of a T-103 Tyrant, stored in Raccoon City. T-0400TP was equipped with various cybernetic components; It could be programmed for various objectives, and was outfitted with a small but powerful explosive in its neck. Its strength was far greater than that of other Tyrants, and so even a rocket launcher would only knock it unconscious rather than blow it to pieces. Prior to the Raccoon City Outbreak, Hunters were being created in large numbers (via the Nursery, or by transportation) to combat the T-0400TP in a number of strength tests. However, the Tyrant still hadn't been activated by the time of the Outbreak, and the Hunters escaped. The Tyrant was activated at the early hours of October 1st by Umbrella Chemical, Inc. scientist Dr.Carter to combat the renegade MA-125 Hunter Rs lost in the facility. Just prior to the escape of the survivors in the lab, the Tyrant became self aware, killing Carter, destroying the Tyrant virus cure and knocking both Linda and the detonator for it's internal bomb off a catwalk.

Monster Guide H-Z U3_It

The U-3 is one of the experiments carried out by the research team at the Island; it is a horrifying amalgamation of many beings all fused imperfectly into one. While it has the upper part of a human torso and a human head, its visage is monstrously warped and marked by strange scars upon its nape and crown, a clawed arm, and a tentacle in place of the other one. Below this, it is grafted in a centaur-like fashion into a deformed body, that has two front legs and two hind ones bonded by a centipede-like fleshy piece of muscle. Later, after receiving enough damage, the Plaga attached to its spine emerges to attack. The Plaga has evolved since its first stages and resembles a tentacle ending in a gaping mouth, lined with dozens of teeth. This tentacle also sports a heavy pair of pincers, resembling a scorpion's tail. If you look close enough, it looks like the lion, serpent and goat puzzle in the castle. The U3 can cause one of the most gruesome deaths in the game by slicing Leon's lower body completely off.

Monster Guide H-Z 350px-6xpp0phe

The U-8 is a horrific, crab-like mutant that can birth tiny flying crablets. However, these creatures are not a "baby" version of the U-8, but another type of creature altogether. It was created by Tricell's enhanced Plagas, but the type and implementation are unknown. U-8 was released in the Tricell Africa facility to hunt down and kill Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar. The U-8 is probably not related to the similarly named monster, the U-3, which was fought by Leon S. Kennedy in 2004, if for no other reason than because the U-8 was invented by Tricell and the U-3 was created by Los Illuminados' horrific gene splicing experiments. It may be one of the largest and strongest monsters in the Resident Evil series (apart from Uroboros Aheri or the V-Complex), said to have an extremely resistant exoskeleton, and strength enough to penetrate a light tank's armor with a single hit from its legs. The U-8 encountered in-game, however, was easily defeated by Redfield and Alomar because of its one-layer exoskeleton which had imperfections. Even though Tricell did remake U-8 with armor covering the weak spots so it could be more effective.

Monster Guide H-Z Mabinogi_GlasGavelen

The U-12 is one of the most horrific creatures created by TriCell. It was made in order to protect the original Umbrella facility and keep all it's records, files and blogs hidden from the outside public. This B.O.W. has a metal plate bolted to it's eyes because it's eyes are extremely sensitive to light but that is not the only enhanced sense. In fact, all of it's senses are extremely sensitive and it can hear someone coming from 20 yards away, even if the person is being absolutely silent to our ears. This creature is very dangerous because it admits a sweet smelling vapor which, if inhaled, will show it's form to the inhaler as an angel, thus also swaying the inhaler to trust the creature. If trapped by this, there is no true way out. The creature has two large arms to grab it's opponent with while it uses it's other two hand, which always hold sword-shaped metal, to repeatedly stab it's victims or rip them apart painfully. These creatures are not to be taken lightly. They will not hesitate to kill anyone, even other TriCell members. The only person it will not kill is it's creator.

Uroboros Aheri
Monster Guide H-Z Uroboros_Aheri

Uroboros Aheri is a specific manifestation of the virally created giant Uroboros creature. Aheri was created when the Uroboros virus rejected the DNA of Excella Gionne, consuming her body instead of making her a superhuman. Albert Wesker seemed to be fully aware that this would be the result of her exposure to the virus, as not only did he abandon her on the deck of his freighter after injection, he left her in the vicinity of a pile of dozens of dead Majini. Upon its release from Gionne's body, Aheri immediately consumed the corpses with its root-like tentacles, absorbing their organic matter into itself and growing to an enormous size, which was Wesker's intention, hoping the creature would kill BSAA agents Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar. Chris and Sheva managed to defeat Aheri with the use of a conveniently located Satellite Laser Device, which relayed target data to an orbital satellite. It should be noted that Aheri mutated into its flower-like form after consuming the Majini corpses with it tentacle-like roots that formed 70 foot tall. Before then, it was identical to Mkono and the creature encountered in the TriCell facility.

Uroboros Mkono
Monster Guide H-Z Re5_uroborosmkono

Uroboros Mkono was a specific manifestation of the virally created Uroboros creature, "birthed" from an anonymous test subject in a TriCell laboratory. It is possible that Mkono's transformation was triggered by Excella Gionne, who was watching from an enclosed observation deck, so that the creature, created when the Uroboros virus rejected the DNA of its host, would kill BSAA agents Sheva Alomar and Chris Redfield. Mkono was defeated through the exploitation of the creature's sensitivity towards extreme heat; the laboratory contained a flamethrower and refueling station originally designed to destroy bio-hazardous material in case of a leak. Redfield and Alomar used the flamethrower to weaken Mkono and then shot at its exposed vital organs. However it can be brought down by weapons fire.

Monster Guide H-Z 250px-Yawn

In the beginning, the Yawn was one of many test subjects bred specifically to become experimental B.O.W., as opposed to other native snakes in the Arklay region. The specimen escaped however, and managed to avoid recapture by the scientists in the Arklay Research Facility. It was eventually infected with the T-virus following the leak in May 1998, and it promptly made the Arklay Mansion its home, preying on any humans that it happened to come across. From the accomplished research, the specimen proved that Snake-based B.O.W.s were unfit for production. The specimen earned the nickname "Yawn" as it gave the appearance of yawning as it opened its mouth to attack its prey. The most noticeable aspect of its T-Virus infection is its enormous size, large enough to swallow a human being whole. It also proved to retain its predator intellect, easily able to stalk and attack its prey before they even realized it. However, the Yawn exhibited examples of uncoordinated mutations; its size became greatly inconsistent with its length, and its body was covered with various sores and tumors. The potency of its venom was also significantly enhanced, requiring a specially-formulated serum to counteract it. Its venom could quickly immobilize a human being in minutes, and would kill shortly afterward if left untreated.

Male Zombie
Monster Guide H-Z 250px-Zombie_remake

Female Zombie
Monster Guide H-Z 237px-FemaleZombieRE2

Zombies are persistent, tough and frightening. A zombie has lost any sense of reasoning and is driven completely by instincts, most notably the urge to feed. Interestingly, while zombies consume human flesh and blood, they don't require it for their survival. It is possible that Zombies consume living tissue in order to repair their bodies. Nutrients from a newly deceased victim may aid the Zombies body, allowing reproduction of the reanimated tissue. The repairing of the body may reactivate the brain. This theory may also explain how Edward Dewey could take more bullets than a normal Zombie, upon consuming a recently deceased man. Another example would be the strength of Marvin Branagh after becoming a Zombie. Brad Vickers does not go with this theory because he was infected with the NE-T virus, rather than the normal strain. A zombie will pursue its target until it is rendered immobile by blood loss, decapitation or complete destruction of the brain. Not being able to feel pain, a zombie can resist several gunshots from a typical 9mm handgun before falling down, but can be easily killed with either a well-aimed shotgun blast to the head or a high-caliber magnum revolver. Thankfully, due to the necrosis throughout their bodies and the degradation of their nervous system, zombies move very slowly and awkwardly, leading to their signature shuffling gait and their easily avoided lunges. However, there are also rare hyper zombies (not to be confused with “Crimson Heads") that will approach their prey very quickly and are more resistant to projectile weapons. A zombie will continue to pursue its prey even after losing its limbs or lower half of its body. Zombies that have lost the use of their legs (either through deterioration or damage) will instead crawl after its prey until they can grab the target and bite into their feet. They can easily be stopped with one good stomp or kick to their head. Other zombies will lay dormant on the ground due to their lack of nutrition, but will bite anything that comes to their direction. Some zombies are even intelligent enough to pretend to be dead, only to rise up after a determined period has passed. The only way to determine a zombie's death is by checking whether there's a pool of blood under their body. Zombies that play dead can be easily spotted, as their heads usually move in coordination with a character's movements, watching potential prey and waiting for the right moment to attack. This is a basic hunting technique developed within the reptilian part of the brain. Zombies have been seen consuming the flesh of other Zombies, or otherwise infected corpses. This is likely in the creatures attempts to gain nutrients. Edward Dewey was spotted consuming an infected corpse, but upon noticing the living and un-infected Rebecca Chambers, he got up and went for her instead. This was also observed by Claire Redfield on Rockfort Island when an Infected Doctor was devouring the infected corpse of his patient (who, upon spotting her, prompted both of them to attack).
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Monster Guide H-Z
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